War and Peace

Life-hack: Audio-books 2X

Reading or Devouring? I am a fan of Podcasts and Audio Books. Years ago I learned about different learning styles including audio and visual learners. Once I found podcasts I decided that I was primarily an audio learner and could digest and enjoy greater amounts of information in the ears. One day while enjoying a podcast I discovered a function[…]

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Starter Home

1% Down Mortgage – Good or Harmful?

The Pitfalls of Low Down Payment Mortgage I came to Mortgage Brokering as a second career.  However, I am 14 years in and was around for the slippery early 2000’s when lenders were falling all over themselves competing for home buyer’s business.  It wasn’t good enough to make it easy to get a loan they also had to make loans[…]

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Old Dad

Old Dads

The Benefits of Raising Children Later in Life I am not the oldest dad but I am on the older end of the scale.  Our first child arrived when I was a young and naive 38.  We did not set out to have children later in life.  Rather, we came to a time when we decided we wanted children and that[…]

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Buy Used

The Camper and Other Toys We Bought / Borrowed I am a guy and in general guys like toys.  However, I am also a guy that likes not spending money and not having too much stuff.  So when the toy fever takes over I treat the fever with as much delay as possible.  Delay could also be called research.  Websites,[…]

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Stock Market

Day Trader for a Few Days

Day Trader In 2007 the local real estate market was slow.  I had some extra time on my hands and an abundance of curiosity.  I saddled up next to a friend of mine who was a Day Trader at his home office for a few months of fun and education and I even made a few dollars! Interesting Friend My friend and[…]

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Summer Fun

We Are Back It was a great summer!  We are back home in Arizona and the kids are back in school.  We put some miles in this summer exploring the California and Oregon coast and even as far as Olympia Washington.  Now we have our memories and are back into the routine…  Next post planned for next week.

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Roth Ladder

Early Retirement Roth Ladder

One Way to Access Your IRA or 401k Pre – Age 59.5 Build Your Ladder As the title of this site says, I am not done yet, but I expect to be done and drawing down from retirement funds prior to 59.5 years old.  So, I thought it might be useful to share my favorite plan for accessing IRA & 401k[…]

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Back Door Roth IRA

Roth IRA, Even When You Are Over the Income Limit The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sets limits every year for the maximum amount a tax filer can earn and still contribute to either a deductible IRA or a Roth IRA.  Once you phase out (for 2016 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for married filing jointly above $194,000) your IRA contributions are no[…]

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Pilot Log

Economics of Becoming a Pilot

Cost to Fly I have loved airplanes for as long as I can remember.  When I was young I had the chance to ride in a couple of single engine planes and I was hooked.  I loved it!  Later, in college at the University of Missouri I checked into the cost to obtain a pilot’s license.  I made some calls and took[…]

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